"The piano player is amazing."

- Zagat Guide 2008 & 2009,

Seasons Restaurant, Michael Udelson, (house pianist)

"The "lousy economy" hiatus is over, and Season's beloved pianist Michael Udelson is back with his classic repertoire of ... wait? Is that Radiohead? Why, yes, it is."

- Entrepreneur Magazine, July 2010,

A unique spin on dinner and a show.
Here’s one formula for a night of entertainment: Establish yourself in the Four Seasons lounge, order a cocktail and a burger ...and then play a game of stump-the-pianist. Michael Udelson has been tickling the ivories Tuesdays through Saturdays at the hotel since 2001. There’s almost nothing this guy can’t play—from Ella Fitzgerald to Hall and Oates to Coldplay—from memory, without sheet music. In half a dozen visits, we’ve yet to throw him for a loop.

- 7X7 Magazine

After all, what's not to love about dark mood lighting, comfy leather chairs, bottomless bowls of olives and spicy wasabi-covered peanuts, a tempting cocktail list, and a pianist playing jazz standards intermingled with No Doubt and Cold Play?.


Four Seasons Hotel 2009

...unwind at Seasons in the Four Seasons. Draws include the view, the posh surroundings, and Michael Udelson, the piano player with a fondness for Coldplay

- SF Magazine

The glowing ambiance of the restaurant is further heightened by both the delightfully unexpected repertoire of pianist Michael Udelson, which gleefully ranges from classical to Coldplay….

- eCity of Travel (online review)